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SPR Analysis Service

​Core-Lab’s special analysis service
SPR Analysis Service

Analysis Service


1. Expertise

​This is an analysis service provided based on expertise in developing and researching SPR biosensors. We provide the best results under optimal experimental conditions with the know-how accumulated through various sample analysis and research.

2. Reasonable Price

Costs can be reduced by using self-manufactured devices, sensor chips, and reagents, and we can also provide Biacore analysis services at a reasonable price compared to other companies by performing maintenance directly.

3. Available HT Analysis

We have a total of 6 devices that can operate simultaneously, so we can respond when analysis of a large number of samples is required, such as early hit discovery, and we can provide analysis services right away when analysis is needed urgently.

4. Various analysis types, wide range of samples

​Using iMSPR-ProX, iMSPR-mini, Biacore 3000, it is possible to analyze various samples from small molecules to cells using various devices, and analysis of various materials can also be performed through the iMSPR-mini device, which has excellent chemical resistance.

5. Complete and meticulous device maintenance

​It is thoroughly managed through Core Lab’s unique and meticulous maintenance system, which includes Desorb once a week, Sanitization once a month, and OQ/PQ once every 6 months. Please leave your precious samples with confidence.

​​Analysis Service Procedure

01.Analysis consultation

​Based on the analysis request sheet, we will send you a quote after consultation.

  • Analysis Request form

02.Analysis request

​Please sign and send us the quote to confirm your analysis appointment.

03.Sample reception

​Please send us analyte information and samples and we will contact you after confirmation.

  • Sample info sheet

04.Analysis progress

​After optimizing analysis conditions, proceed with analysis. We will inform you of the analysis status in real time.

05.Results information

​After sending you the analysis results, we will evaluate and interpret the results through sufficient consultation.

  • Report example

Service types and price list



Biacore 3000

​Service Item

Screening (Yes/No)

Kinetics evaluation



Epitope binning

Inhibition test

Screening (Yes/No)

Kinetics evaluation


Inhibition test





Small molecule




Small molecule

​Analysis cost
(Per 4 hours)

280,000 won

330,000 won

KE & Report

330,000 won

330,000 won

21 CFR Part 11



​​Please be sure to check when requesting analysis service.

Core-Lab Service

1. Analysis cost related information

  • Analysis costs consist of analysis service time, number of sensor chips used, and report writing costs.

  • Analysis service costs are based on cash payment and are exclusive of VAT.

  • For new customers, when using the service for the first time, basic analysis/material costs must be paid in advance.

2. Material related information

  • The sensor chip is purchased separately, and an analyst will select the optimal sensor chip.

  • The materials used for analysis are based on products produced by iClueBio.

  • If you want to analyze with Biacore sensor chips and materials, you must purchase them directly.

  • Basic consumables (Tube, Tip, Buffer, DW, etc.) are free.

  • ​Please refer to here for sample preparation capacity and precautions.

3. Analysis report related information
  • ​The result report will be provided in a format exclusive to Core Lab Service 2-5 days after the analysis is completed.

  • Fees may apply if additional data other than the result report are requested.​

  • ​​Please refer to the analysis result report here.

4. Reservation cancellation and change related information
  • Reservation cancellation is possible up to 2 weeks before the scheduled analysis date, and a fee will be charged for cancellations after that.

  • Changes to the reservation schedule are possible up to 2 weeks before the scheduled analysis date.

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